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On Friday the 27th October 2017 the students in Year’s 3-6 participated at the T20 Bash Cricket Carnival at the Southern Cross Oval. Students participated in cricket and competed against students from both Moorine Rock Primary School and the Southern Cross District High School. It was a great fun day which students thoroughly enjoyed with lots of music and dancing. Congratulations to Joeross who won the sportsmanship award for helping other students and trying his best throughout the day. A special thanks to Melinda Lucas from the WA Cricket Association for coordinating the day.

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On Wednesday the 18th of October, the Year 1/2 Class went to Angelo’s farm. We first visited the wheat crops and learnt about the different types of wheat and what they are used for. Then we went to the farm and saw the different machines they use for seeding and harvesting. We were also allowed to climb into one of the tractors. To end our excursion we visited the cows and the animal farm where we patted horses and goats.

Some of our favourite parts were:

“Seeing the wheat crop and picking some wheat” – Bronte

“When we saw the baby chicks because they are cute” – Ekam

“Seeing the wheat crop” – Logan

“Patting the little goats” – Lucas

“Chasing the goats” – Angelo

“Seeing the air seeder and learning about it” – Xavier

“Seeing the baby chickens because they are cute. I like baby chickens” – Denym

“Seeing the baby goats” – Dakota

Special thank you to Rebecca for touring us around the farm and to Jason and Gary Guerini for telling us about the farm machinery.

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On Friday 20th October 2017, St Joseph’s school celebrated Grandparents Day with a wonderful morning tea for our grandparents and  families. Thank you to everyone for coming along – it was a fantastic turn out. Thank you to our staff and families who provided a plate of food to share. The students also provided some entertainment by presenting their “Lion King” dance which they performed at the Performing Arts Festival during the 2017 Camp.

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St Joseph’s School has been collecting ring pulls from drink cans as a fundraiser for Wheelchairs for Kids.

As well as from our students and their families, we have had tremendous support from the Yilgarn community with a huge number of ring pulls being delivered to the school. The Year 3–6 students emptied the ring pulls received into a wheelie bin and we took the opportunity to take a photograph of the students to say “Thank You” to everyone who has helped and to show off the amount of ring pulls collected so far.

We are still collecting ring pulls, so if you have any that you would like to donate please drop them into the school office so we can fill up our containers.


Congratulations to our students and teachers who put together the magnificent St Joseph’s School display for the Yilgarn Agricultural Show. This year our focus was Reading Comprehension which was displayed in our banner “Reading Gives Your Imagination Wings”. Well done for all of your efforts.


On Friday 8th September 2017, St Joseph’s School students competed in the YSSSA Athletics Carnival, along with students from Moorine Rock Primary School and Southern Cross District High School. It was great to see all students participate in their events and give everything their best effort.

Well done to Alaska Shipard on receiving the Sub-Junior Girl Runner Up and Joeross Lendio on receiving the Intermediate Boy Runner Up medallions, excellent work.

All student’s participated extremely well and it was great to see so much energy and enthusiasm on the day.

Congratulations to Moorine Rock Primary School on winning the Handicap Points Trophy and to SXDHS Phoenix for winning the Outright Points Trophy. Well done to all participants.

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Please click on the following link to find out about the Performing Arts Festival & Camp 2017 – Camp 2017

On Thursday 31st August 2017, St Joseph’s students invited their Dad’s and Grandad’s to school for a yummy breakfast. It was great to see so many family members attend. Thank you to our staff for preparing the wonderful breakfast.

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On Friday 25th August 2017, the students from Moorine Rock Primary School visited St Joseph’s School for a Literacy Day. The Literacy Day was held during Book Week and students dressed up as a character from their favourite book. The students looked great and had a lot of fun. In the Pre-Primary to Year Two class, students read the book: Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss.  Students participated in a number of fun activities including: creating a Thing Artwork, sorting real and nonsense words, creating rhyming hats and sock puppets. In the Year’s 3-6 class, the theme followed the Book Week theme of Escape to Everywhere. Students completed a number of activities including creating a hot air balloon, writing a postcard from Venice and making a magic carpet from Morocco. The day was a wonderful opportunity for the two schools to come together and the students had a wonderful day.

Miss Reeve

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On Sunday, 30th July we celebrated our Parish Community Mass. Parishioners from Merredin and Kalgoorlie joined us in this celebration at Our Lady of Monserrat Catholic Church. Mass was followed by a luncheon in the St Joseph’s School Library.

Thank you to Father Matthew for leading the Mass for us, and to all those who attended the lovely Mass and lunch. Thank you also to those who provided a plate to share for lunch.