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My Chinese Teacher (MCT)

The MCT program uses a combination of a Chinese teacher based in China using video conferencing technology and the generalist classroom teacher to provide a Chinese language and culture program. The classroom of up to 30 students receives a weekly 25 minute Chinese lesson over video conferencing software with a Chinese teacher (or 15 minutes for Foundation level.) The generalist teacher then dedicates another 30-45 minutes a week of follow up work to reinforce the ideas first introduced by the Chinese teacher. The curriculum delivers both language and culture and aligns with the Australian Curriculum for Language (Second Language Pathway) and Intercultural Understanding. It is also adapted to align with each state’s specific curriculum. The curriculum is broken down into 4 modules a year. The first 3 modules introduce new content whilst the fourth module of a year is an extension module. Student assessment is completed through a combination of the Chinese teacher and classroom teacher, depending on the learning goals for a module.


Cook in a Box

During Term Two, all St Joseph’s students have been involved in doing some cooking via the Cook in a Box […]

Thank You – Shire of Yilgarn

St Joseph’s School would like to thank the Shire of Yilgarn for funding received via the Community Funding Program. Our […]