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Constable Care Visit

Michelle Auld November 18th

On Wednesday 16th November 2016, the Constable Care team visited St Joseph’s School.

The Kindy to Year 2 classroom watched the performance “Funny Scary”. Through puppetry and song, this performance teaches students the difference between scary things that are fun (like rollercoasters) and those scary secrets that we need to tell a trusted adult about. This performance is an ideal way to present the key concepts of protective behaviours to young students in a fun and non-threatening way.

The Year 3 to 6 students watched the performance “Warrior”. This performance was an intense and at times challenging two-actor drama that explored the ability of young people to channel violent and destructive behaviours into creative pursuits. When feeling threatened while waiting at a bus stop, Sophie attempts to find some common ground with the aggressive Nathan whose unhappy family life is the inspiration for his imaginative writings.

Both performances were enjoyed by the staff and students.

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