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Digital Technologies

As part of the Digital Technologies Curriculum students have been engaging and having fun with Sphero. Sphero is a small robotic ball which students can control using their iPads. Sphero is used in the Year 3-6 classroom in a number of maths activities, spelling activities, as well as during Digital Technology lessons. Many thanks to the P&F who kindly donated funds to purchase two Spheros. It is greatly appreciated and widely used in the Year 3-6 classroom. Below is a list of what some of the students like about Sphero.

“I think the Spheros are awesome! We know how to do times tables and everything so thanks to the P&F people.” Brooke

“I like Sphero because, you can write your Times Tables and you can put it on different modes. On Sphero you can do challenges and also draw pictures.” Sienna

“My favourite thing about Sphero is all the missions you can do with it.” Nkosi

“Sphero is fun, as you can make mazes and go different speeds and you can make it do things like dance, make noises and you can do missions.” Joeross

“I like Sphero because you control him and you can unlock abilities and he levels up.” Marcus

“I like the different types of modes that you can get on Sphero.” Mackenzie

“I enjoy using the Sphero and making it do all different things for example ghost, making it dance and do flips” Jack

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