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Happy Mother’s Day

Michelle Auld October 20th

On Friday 6th May 2016, St Joseph’s School held a Mother’s Day Morning Tea. All Mother’s and Grandmothers were invited to attend and we had a great turn out. Thank you all for coming and joining us on this special occasion. The students certainly love it when their family comes along to school.

On the morning, the students entertained their families with a Mother’s Day song and the senior class read a lovely Mother’s Day poem. Well done to the students. The students also gave their Mums and Grandmother’s flowers which they had made in class.

Thank you to our staff for providing the food and looking after our visitors. A yummy morning tea was enjoyed by all.

We also had some Mother’s Day prizes drawn out. The winners are listed below:

Brittany Snell

Donna Crafter

Rebecca Guerini

Jenna McShane

Joresa Pimlott

Congratulations ladies. We hope you enjoy your gifts.

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Age Daily serves
Fruit Vegetables
4-8 1 ½ serves 4 ½ serves
9-11 2 serves 5 serves
12-18 2 serves 5 ½ serves








1 serve of fruit = 1 banana or 2 wedges of watermelons or (occasionally) ½ cup juice

1 serve vegetables = ½ cup cooked vegetables or legumes or 1 cup green leafy or raw salad vegetables


Some lunchbox ideas:

  • Add fruit (apple, pear) or vegetables (corn, sweet potato, zucchini) to pikelet or muffin batter.
  • Add fresh fruit to plain yoghurt.

Cut fruit into manageable portions for your child.

Include left-over dinner vegetables.



  • Use a variety of breads (sandwich, flat bread, rolls, rice cakes) or make ‘wraps’ from lettuce leaves.

Including frozen fruit, yoghurt, muffins or water bottles can help keep food safe during hot summer days.


For more information contact the Dietician at the Eastern Wheatbelt Primary Health Service on 9041 0444.