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Matilda the Musical

Michelle Auld March 24th

On Wednesday 15th March 2017, St Joseph’s School Year 1 to 6 students went to Perth to watch Matilda. We went along with Moorine Rock Primary School to see the show at Crown Theatre. We set off in the early morning for our big bus trip to Perth. All the students were beaming with excitement as we headed for Perth. We stopped at Cunderdin for some recess before arriving at Burswood Park for lunch.

This story of Matilda was different to the original book by Roald Dahl and the movie. It was an interesting twist to the tale.

Our favourite parts were:

“When they sang Revolting Children and confetti exploded all over the crowd” – Bronte

“When the boy was forced to eat the massive chocolate cake…that would have been yum” – Xavier

“It was funny when the newt crawled up into Ms Trunchbull’s underpants” – Ekam

“My favourite song was Revolting Children” – Dakota

“When Ms Trunchbull scared the students at their desks” – Logan

“When the green lasers came on to scare the students” – Sienna

“I liked all the songs” – Angelo

Thank you to all the parents and staff who attended yesterday. Without your help this day out would not have been possible. Thank you also to Dave Hendriks for driving the bus.

Miss Alaga