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Numeracy Day with Moorine Rock Primary School

Michelle Auld June 16th

On Friday 19th May, St Joseph’s School was invited to Moorine Rock Primary School to participate in a Football-themed Numeracy Day. The students split into groups to participate in a variety of math related activities. In the junior room we did some number crunching, fraction oranges and used calendars to plot when our favourite footy teams were playing in the coming months. Students also had to kick a football as far as they could and then measure the distance.

Students were sent on a treasure hunt around the school where they had to complete the clues to find where their treasure was buried.

In the afternoon the upper primary students had the opportunity to explore different digital technologies. This included playing with different circuit pieces and manipulating a robot into doing flips and changing colours.

All students had a wonderful time.

Thank you to all the staff from Moorine Rock and St Joseph’s for arranging such an enjoyable day. Also a big thank you to Josie Kent for picking us up on the bus.

Miss Alaga

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