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Performing Arts Festival & Camp 2016

Michelle Auld October 21st

From Monday 22nd August through to Thursday 25th August 2016, St Joseph’s students from Year 1 to Year 6 attended our annual school camp in Perth. As well as performing a dance at the Convention Centre for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, the students also were able to visit many exciting places in Perth.

Here is a snippet of what some of the students had to say about Camp 2016, along with some photographs taken during the week.

Bronte – The Perth Mint was good because there was a show and the man made gold!

Dakota – I liked bowling, it was fun!

Xavier – I liked going on stage, we danced to “Happy”.

Brooke – I liked the bus ride, because I like going on long drives!

Logan – I liked going to Bounce, because I had fun with my friends.

Cheree – I enjoyed the Bell Tower, because I liked climbing all of the stairs!

Jaric – I liked the Perth Mint, because I got to see gold being made.

Sienna – I liked Bounce, because of the trampolines and all of the tricks I did!

Aribela – I liked everything about camp!

Mackenzie – I enjoyed Bounce and the Bell Tower the most!

Casey – I enjoyed everything about camp.

Marcus – I enjoyed SciTech, bowling and Bounce the most. I also liked ringing the bells at the Bell Tower!

Joe – Bowling and Bounce were my favourite things on camp.

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