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Resilience & Well-Being Expo

Michelle Auld June 27th

On Monday, 24th of June, the Year 5 and 6 students participated in a Resilience and Well-Being Expo in Merredin. Students from across the district came and participated in several different rotational activities. They participated in activities that focused on a number of different topics including: the harm of drugs and alcohol, the law and consequences of criminal behaviour, dealing with emotions appropriately, relaxation methods, team building, goal setting, and healthy eating. There were also activities set up during recess and lunch for students to participate in. The students had a blast and it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with students from other schools. Special thanks to Rose Power for organising the event, it was a wonderful event which the students thoroughly enjoyed. Also thanks to Natalie Beaton for driving the bus to Merredin. (Lauren McGoldrick)

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