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School Events

2019 ~

Swap Meet (19/10/2019)

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Grandparents Day Morning Tea (18/10/2019)

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Numeracy Day with Moorine Rock Primary School (09/09/2019)


YSSSA Athletics Carnival (06/07/2019)


Yilgarn Agricultural Show (31/08/2019)


Father’s Day Breakfast (30/08/2019)


Book Week Parade (19/08/2019)

bookweek pic

Mary MacKillop Feast Day Activities (08/08/2019)

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NAIDOC Activities at Southern Cross District High School (31/7/2019)

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Resilience & Well-Being Expo (24/6/2019)

IMG_2847 IMG_2844 IMG_2843 IMG_2841 IMG_2392 IMG_2389 IMG_2388 IMG_2387

Sacrament of Holy Communion (23/6/2019)

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YSSSA Lightning Carnival (21/6/2019)

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LifeLink Day (12/6/2019)


Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea (30/5/2019)

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Sorry Day (27/5/2019)

Sorry Day

Bishop’s Visit to St Joseph’s (24/5/2019)

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Mother’s Day Morning Tea (10/5/2019)

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Moorine Rock Literacy Day (10/4/2019)

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Harmony Day (20/3/19)

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St Joseph’s & Water Fun Day (19/3/19)

Insert – St Josephs Day


Teddy Bears Hospital (14/3/19)

Teddy Bear Hospital

Clean Up Australia Day (11/3/19)

Clean Up Australia Day

YSSSA Swimming Carnival (1/3/19)

SC7 Sienna Bronte Angelo SC10 SC9 SC8 SC6 SC5 SC4 SC3 SC2

Constable Care Visit (28/2/19)


Student Leaders Mass (4/2/19)



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