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Year 1/2 Excursion to the Farm

Michelle Auld November 17th

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On Wednesday the 18th of October, the Year 1/2 Class went to Angelo’s farm. We first visited the wheat crops and learnt about the different types of wheat and what they are used for. Then we went to the farm and saw the different machines they use for seeding and harvesting. We were also allowed to climb into one of the tractors. To end our excursion we visited the cows and the animal farm where we patted horses and goats.

Some of our favourite parts were:

“Seeing the wheat crop and picking some wheat” – Bronte

“When we saw the baby chicks because they are cute” – Ekam

“Seeing the wheat crop” – Logan

“Patting the little goats” – Lucas

“Chasing the goats” – Angelo

“Seeing the air seeder and learning about it” – Xavier

“Seeing the baby chickens because they are cute. I like baby chickens” – Denym

“Seeing the baby goats” – Dakota

Special thank you to Rebecca for touring us around the farm and to Jason and Gary Guerini for telling us about the farm machinery.

(Miss Alaga)